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The Hong Kong Association of Registered Tour Co-ordinators (HARTCO) was set up under the auspices of the Hong Kong Tourist Association (reconstituted to Hong Kong Tourism Board on 1 April 2001) and was incorporated in 1984. HARTCO is recognised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board as an organisation pledged to maintain the highest standard of tour c



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•  To improve the service standard of tour co-ordinators in Hong Kong and to promote their professional status locally and overseas;

•  To provide opportunities and facilities for members to exchange ideas, experience and knowledge about tour co-ordination;

•  To promote the goodwill of tour co-ordinators through members' involvement in community activities and contribution to social well- being;

•  To foster cooperation among members and consolidate their efforts for the betterment of the tourism industry in Hong Kong;

•  To assist and represent members of the Association in their collective dealing with the Government and/or other parties in the tourism industry on matters of interest to members.

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